Course List

Big Data with Spark (60 Hours)

Basic concepts of Big Data, Hadoop, HDFS, Map Reduce and different members in Hadoop ecosystem. Also covers Spark, Real Time Processing with Spark Streaming using Scala (or Java). Please download the course content from the link below.

Cloud Computing with AWS (50 Hours)

Introduces Virtualization technologies and Cloud Computing concepts. Detailed explanation on Cloud Services, Deployment Models. Hands on provided using Amazon Web Services and Open Stack (optional). Please download the course content from the link below.

Android Basics (40 Hours)

This course covers basic application development on Android platform. Enables developing apps using different types of layouts, views and navigation controls. Includes hands-on project by developing a app that can be run on any Android based device. Please download the course content from the link below.

Android Advanced (24 Hours)

Covers advanced topics in Android app development, like Google Map integration, Bluetooth, Performance and Memory Optimization, Data Backup etc. Please download the course content from the link below.

Linux - Essentials and Administration (40 Hours)

This Course covers Linux Architecture, Shell Scripting, Networking and Security and Administration. Please download the course content from the link below.

Data Science Starter (9 Hours)

This course gives an overview of Big Data and Data Science, including the application areas in real life cases. It also provides basic knowledge of R - one of the most popular scripting language used in data analytics field. This course is specifically designed for people who are interested in Data Science, but want to taste the water before diving into it. Please download the course content from the list below.

Data Science Advanced with R (60 Hours)

This course provides extensive knowledge on Data Science and how it is related to Big Data. It covers most of the commonly used algorithms and details of Data Analytics programming using R. It also provides real life examples using some practical case studies and projects. Please find the detailed course content below.

Core Java (24 Hours)

The course is designed for enthusiasts who are planning to use Java as programming language. A ideal course for freshers in the industry and final year students looking forward to a career in Java development in IT industry. Please find the course content below

Basic Web Development with Java (24 Hours)

This course covers Web Site development using Java based technologies, like JSP, Servlets, JDBC etc. A small Web Development project has been made part of this course. Pre-requisite is knowledge on basic Java programming. Please find the detailed course contents below.